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Hi everyone! Just wanted to show you guys what I did to our lounge room. Some of you probably remember that I used to have the black sofa. Well, since I can’t afford to buy a new one yet I decided to buy a sofa cover instead. Well they’re not really cheap, I spent nearly $200+ just on the cover! I still can’t believed that I spent that much money on the sofa cover. Okay enough ranting. LOL.

This is what my lounge room used to look like.

And this is what it looks like now


I was in “crafty mood” this morning and this is what I did.

I picked up this birdcage in thrift shop last week for a $2.00
And here’s the AFTER picture

And here’s my plain aqua lamp

Added some fabric rose and vintage pearl. Viola!
Hope you all like it. 🙂

Been absent so much lately. Nothing exciting to blog about. But I could tell you about how I’ve been working on our furniture business. We weren’t expecting to get sales so quickly, so we’re very happy. I just wanted to post a project that I did. I bought this Balinese sideboard last year. We’re using this as “tv unit”. I’ve been wanting to paint it but I never get a chance.

So here’s it is…

The sideboard was painted white, then distressed.

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Hi everyone! Been a long time since I updated my blog. I’ve been busy catching up with all the house chores that I have not been able to complete due to visitors and other leisure activities. Just wanted to post this gorgeous sideboard that I have painted two weeks ago. I love this piece! My plan was to lightly scratch some small areas to create a slight rustic look but I decided to let my husband work out what he wanted to do with it…..This is how it turned in the end and we are both very happy with the outcome, that now we are so attached to this item, that we feel unsure about selling it.


Isn’t it gorgeous? Hope you all like it!

Hi everyone? Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Just wanted to show off my latest finished project. Remember my blog post last week about my big haul of antiques? Well, I managed to finished one yesterday. I painted this gorgeous dining set white then I sanded the corners for that rustic look.

Here’s the picture of the table and the ladder chairs I posted last week.

And here’s the dining set BEFORE

Here’s the finished look

Love it!

Hey Everyone, just posting some pictures of bookcase/hutch that I’ve painted last week. I painted it dark grey instead of white. I sanded it a little bit for that rustic look.
DSC09902 copy

This beauty will be coming home to her new owner next week. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Hi everyone! Hope you all enjoyed your long weekend. Just showing some pictures of what we did on our lounge room. As you can see that we ripped the carpet off and painted the featured wall. It looks way better now.I love it!

This was our Lounge Room looks like before with carpet

Here’s what it looks like now without the carpet and newly painted featured wall.
DSC00391p copy
DSC00393p copy

DSC00395p copy

Oh, hope you all like my new blog layout. Its so colourful! I love it! Im still not finished with the navigations though. Will fix it when I’m not busy.

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