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Yes, I am still alive! Sorry if I have been gone for a while. Been very lazy these past few weeks. Mostly laying on the couch being nauseous and tired while my son Kaelon run circles around me and destroy the house! I apologize that I’ve been worse than usual at returning emails and visiting blogs. I hardly spend any time at all on the computer these days. I hope to be feeling better soon as the 2nd trimester rolls around. I don’t mind the sickness all that much since I know it’s for a good reason, but I am very much looking forward to feeling like myself again. Hope you all have a good day!

Hello everyone! I hope you all having a great week. I thought I would share a few of pictures that I took this weekend, in the city of Melbourne when we took our friends from Canberra and showed them around town. I just love the details in the older buildings! Very intricate. Hope you all love the pictures. Enjoy.

DSC00499 copy
DSC00480 copy
DSC00473 copy

Been hectic these past few days. Trying to finish painting all the furniture in the garage and I had been busy re arranging the house. My fiance’s old friend from the navy is coming this weekend so we’re gonna be showing them around the Melbourne for the whole weekend. And oh I just wanted to show you guys what I’ve bought on garage sale last week as well

DSC09944 copy

These 4x vintage bottles. I’ve been wanted to have one of these in ages! Arent they look pretty?? Hope you all have a great weekend.

Look what we picked up last week!! Lots of antique furnitures!!


I was browsing Trading Post website Saturday night when I stumbled upon on this particular ad. There was a lady wanted to get rid of her all antique furnitures because they are moving from an old house to more modern setting. The plan was just browse the items but we ended up buying half of the furnitures she’s selling! I can’t wait to paint these beauties!

great weekend

Hi everyone! How you all been? We’re going to be very busy this coming long weekend. We’re going to fix the lounge room on Saturday hopefully we be able to finish it by Sunday morning because we’re going out. It’s my son’s 3rd bday and Queens Bday on Monday. We’re not going to  throw a b’day party for him we’re just going to take him out and spoil him on that day. Friends are coming over as well on Sunday night…I’ll post the finished results after the weekend sometime…Enjoy.

Hi everyone! How you all been? I did some minor changes around the master bedroom yesterday. I’ve put the bed skirt on our bed. I’m telling you I am loving this bed skirt!!! I can’t believed that I only discovered this  just recently. I’m definitely going to buy some more!!

Just posting some pictures of this antique sofa set that I bought on Ebay two days ago. I was so excited when I saw these gorgeous sofa in person. Not every day you see something so beautiful for so little money. Would you believe that I only paid $170.00 for these? Normally they go for more than $500.00 for a set but I was so lucky that no one else made the bid. Maybe I am lucky? LOL.


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