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Hi everyone! You all probably remember my last post about my vanity area. How I made the ruffle cover for my dressing table. Well, I changed the set up AGAIN. Yes, I know what you’re thinking. LOL. I wasn’t happy with the mirror coz its too small so I’ve changed it to a bigger one. And I’ve put a glass on top of the table. You can see on the pictures that Ive put some MAC postcards as well. Absolutely love my new set!

I’m going to put this broadway inspired vanity mirror lights as well. You can get them on IKEA for $29.99 each.

Looks like this when its set up…


Just wanted to show you guys what our lounge room looks like now. You may all probably notice the new sofa, white floor, woven carpet and the new sideboard. Love everything!

Looks way better now don’t you think??

Absolutely love this ruffled table cover that I made last week. Made it specially for my dressing table.

Posted on: March 3, 2010

Well hello there! Did you wonder if I’d ever be back?? It feels like forever since my last post! Just been busy with orders, DIY projects and parties! Someone emailed me last week asking if I can show my craft room to my readers. Of course I can! Well here it is! Hope you all like it!


Hi everyone! How you all been? Me? Still busy decorating the house. Here’s some of the pictures of our new house.

Lounge Room


My Son’s room

My Studio/Sewing Room

Master Bedroom

Main Bathroom

Our Website

My Old Studio

Master Bedroom

Dining Area