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You want to make sophisticated decorative balls to fancy up your house? Now you can! Save yourself money, let the creativity and fun flow and make these gorgeous decorative balls. Don’t pay all that money at the store for the pre-made balls!!! Styrofoam balls, shells and glue gun is all it takes. Decorations are so expensive these days, so I decided to make my own decorative balls.
6a00e5536576ef88340133ece1a56e970b(image from Sarah)

Here is what you’ll need…

Styrofoam balls (I used the big one)

Glue Gun and Glue

Shell (I used the shell necklace that I bought 5 yrs ago)


And here’s the finished project. Hope y’all like it!




Hi everyone! Went out this afternoon to buy some decorations for the house and I saw this really nice faux tree branch with small flowers displayed at one of my favorite stores. I was going to buy 5 of them but when I looked at the price tag I was like no way!! $6.99 per stem! Are you kidding me? So I thought I’ll just probably make one when I get home. I picked up some furnitures from the op shop as well before I went home.

Anyways, I started by trimming a branch off a tree in our back yard. This is very easy to make and really cheap! All you need is a glue gun and some faux flowers. I used millinery flowers that I bought on etsy ages ago. I plucked the flowers off directly at each bud.

Here’s the finished project. Looks fantastic in real life, the picture do not do it justice!
I was actually going to put more flowers but I ran out of glue! Grrr!

And here’s what I picked up from the op shop. Would you believe that I only paid $30.00 for these?? Oh, I can’t wait to paint it!

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