Hello everyone! We are so excited about receiving some new images to freshen up our website with. These shots were taken by Hai Truong @ True Story Productions and his gorgeous wife Lisa Carter @ Lisa Carter Hair Make Up Styling. They did an absolutely wonderful job. So if any of you folks have a photography and styling needs during your special day, we definitely recommended these husband and wife team.


Hi everyone! You all probably remember my last post about my vanity area. How I made the ruffle cover for my dressing table. Well, I changed the set up AGAIN. Yes, I know what you’re thinking. LOL. I wasn’t happy with the mirror coz its too small so I’ve changed it to a bigger one. And I’ve put a glass on top of the table. You can see on the pictures that Ive put some MAC postcards as well. Absolutely love my new set!

I’m going to put this broadway inspired vanity mirror lights as well. You can get them on IKEA for $29.99 each.

Looks like this when its set up…

Just wanted to show you guys what our lounge room looks like now. You may all probably notice the new sofa, white floor, woven carpet and the new sideboard. Love everything!

Looks way better now don’t you think??

Ok FOLKS…We have chosen a beautiful piece of furniture to work on for our first project.

It is a dresser I purchased from an old guy in Doveton, Southeast of Melbourne. He told me it was his parents and that he grew up around this item, but no longer had the room for it in his new house and would not suit the modern theme.

I love the way the grain of the wood shows up on this piece and I believe we can make it even more prominent with some paint. I know it sounds backwards, but you will know what I mean once we are done with it.

Absolutely love this ruffled table cover that I made last week. Made it specially for my dressing table.

Hello everyone. It’s been a long time since the last post but we are here to bring this page back to LIFE.

A lot of new things have happened since. Having twin boys was the most amazing thing that had happened to us, they came into this world 7 months young, 2 months premature, so they were considered as high risk infants. They are now 9 months old and we feel so blessed that they are healthy, on JOLLY JUMPERS and are loving it.

We will be changing our name to Rustiqliving, which is our official website name. Please feel free to visit and browse around the link below: http://www.rustiqliving.com.

We are open for any honest and constructive criticism so feel free to comment or give us feedback, so as we can also tweak our ways of doing things. Learning as we go, is what we are here for and if anybody can show us a much better way then please show us.

Stay tuned on this page as we posts images of used up, old furniture, when we put our MAGIC touch on them to give it more than just a second chance…. but let it SHINE again.

See you folks soon.




Yes, I am still alive! Sorry if I have been gone for a while. Been very lazy these past few weeks. Mostly laying on the couch being nauseous and tired while my son Kaelon run circles around me and destroy the house! I apologize that I’ve been worse than usual at returning emails and visiting blogs. I hardly spend any time at all on the computer these days. I hope to be feeling better soon as the 2nd trimester rolls around. I don’t mind the sickness all that much since I know it’s for a good reason, but I am very much looking forward to feeling like myself again. Hope you all have a good day!

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